About Us

NX Consulting Services offers a wide variety of information technology services, from computer assessment and consulting services to installation and training. With NX Consulting, IT support clients gain a competitive edge in all areas of business strategies. NX Consulting Services consultants have amassed a broad base knowledge concerning wide area connectivity and multiple platform integration.

NX Consulting experienced team members consistently add value by creating and maintaining new computer systems and wireless networks and providing transition services to companies implementing the latest software programs. Our IT services invariably enhance company performance by maximizing the cost-efficiency and robust assets of the latest technology.

We take our IT services to the next level. Technical services by skilled consultants are augmented by extensive, detailed training for client teams so they can run their own internal functions more efficiently. By making personal visits to clients' offices to lead training seminars, NX Consulting ensures a level of understanding about the specifics of software and hardware systems to increase knowledge and implement practical solutions more efficiently.

Our goal is onsite training that instructs client employees on how to utilize unfamiliar techniques and programs so that the company can take full advantage of technology

Meet The Founder

  • Oscar Valdez • Owner

    Oscar Valdez, owner at NX Consulting Services, provides a full range of IT services for clients including network design and repair, security consulting, troubleshooting for network systems, web and internet service consulting, and network administration.

    A native of Brownsville, Texas, Mr. Valdez studied on scholarships at Southwestern Assembly of God University in Waxahachie, Texas, before moving to Fort Worth to work with a number of organizations in IT positions. His first job in the field was actually at SAGU in Waxahachie where he detected a flaw in the internet security for the University’s computer network, alerted the school authorities about the issue, and was hired on the spot to troubleshoot security vulnerabilities at the institution. Following his work there, he joined DeVry Institute and worked in the IT department before taking on consulting positions in Dallas and Irving.

    In 2001, he joined the Network Security team for TTI Inc. and was instrumental in securing the internal network while lowering operating costs. Looking to enhance his IT skill set, he joined University Computers as a Network Consultant. Working with diverse systems and network configurations helped to maximize his consulting experience. While there, he met the partners of Sanford, Baumeister, & Frazier, a CPA firm in Downtown Fort Worth.

    SB&F offered Oscar the opportunity to develop an IT Services Department at SB&F to assist their clients with the increasingly complex computer infrastructure needs that both large and small companies require to compete in today’s business world. He designed and developed, as well as installed, systems for SB&F clients for the past few years.

    Deciding to venture out on his own, he founded NX Consulting Services and quickly grew the company by offering enterprise-grade IT service at a cost effective level.

    Oscar, his wife, and their three children live in Fort Worth.

  • Why NX Consulting?

    In addition to years of expertise, we pride ourselves in the vast range of services we can offer. From small and medium businesses, to businesses with a current IT department; we can help to leverage your resources and propel your business forward. Choose NX Consulting to augment your current IT department or implement an IT strategy, custom made to attain your business goals. With NX Consulting Services you can expect:

    •   Professional IT support - Over 25 years of combined experience
    •   Affordable, on-time assistance before, during, and after the support request
    •   Total commitment to your business goals - we strive to deeply understand your needs
    •   Honest, straightforward communication
    •   We do whatever it takes to get things done
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